5 min Chocolate Mug Cake

4 T flour,

4T sugar,

2 T cocoa,

1T choc chips (optional)

Mix all dry ingredients in large coffee mug or handled glass jug.

Add one egg, 3 T oil, 3 T milk. Stir well, until thoroughly mixed. Scrape down sides.

Microwave 3 mins on high (1000W)

May serve 2 serve with icecream or runny cream. 


Beat the Covid Boredom - Nana Elaine's Lesson Number one

I have enjoyed putting some What's App videos, photos and emails together for my grandchildren while they are in lock down at home. To date each lesson has been centered around paintings in our home.

This is a water colour painting called "Tranquility- the Taieri River at Henley." The artist is Roy Dickison.

Some questions for you:

1. Why do you think part of the title uses the word 'Tranquility'? What is the meaning of tranquility?

2. What season is shown in the painting? What are the four seasons we have each year?

3. Find the location of Henley on a map of the Taieri, Mosgiel area. The Taieri River flows across the Taieri Plain. You may have swum in Outram Glen and had good times there. On a map can you find where the Taieri River begins? This is called the source of a river. With your finger trace the path of the river all the way to the sea.

4. Write down the names of the towns or areas, in order, from the source to the sea.

5. Write a story about a time you have had fun or an adventure by or in a river. 

6. Paint or draw a river picture and send a photo of your picture in to the East Taieri Church office (

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Beat the Covid Boredom - Nana Elaine's Lesson Number Two

Today's painting is called Stephane Grappelli by Lois Isaacs.

Below is a link that tells you something about her. Unfortunately it only shows two of her paintings.

Look on the web for some information about Stephane Grappelli too.


1. What do you like most about this painting?

Is it sad, happy, moody or something else? How does this painting make you feel?

2. What is the musical instrument in the painting?

3. Name 6 other musical instruments - (not the violin or piano)?

4. Why do you think his eyes are closed?

5. Stephane Grappelli played jazz type music but the violin is used for other types of music too. Using your computer and a programme like You Tube locate and listen to:-

Classical violin music

Jazz violin music

fiddle type violin music

You might be able to find other types of violin music too.

6. What type of violin music do you like best?

7. Send a video to a friend or your grandparents of you dancing to some of the violin music. Perhaps the fiddle type may be best for this!

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