1. Our personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and seeing others come to personal faith.

Knowing God is important to us, not just knowledge about God. This places priority on evangelism and discipleship.

2. The Power of the Holy Spirit

We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit at work today through God’s people, and we are utterly dependent on the Spirit’s leading and empowering.

3. The Bible as our standard and guide.

4. Importance of Prayer

5. Gathering to worship God together through music, singing, prayer, preaching, sacraments and creative arts.

6. Engaging all generations and groups of people.

We believe discipleship occurs well when different generations interact, so we value ministry with children, youth, families, seniors, and different social, ethnic and economic groups.

7. Mission as God’s mission which involves all of us wherever we are.

This highlights the call for us to go out to serve with God and others in community ministry and in global mission partnerships.

8. The importance of Christian Community for spiritual nourishment, fellowship, growth and care.

We don’t follow Jesus on our own but with the support and encouragement of others. This occurs in a variety of settings from large, vibrant, contemporary worship services with biblical preaching, through to smaller interactive gatherings incorporating a meal. It is the norm for people at East Taieri to be in a life groups which are a key expression of Christian community and pastoral care.

This includes the importance of friendships with other believers throughout the week, with both new and established members.